Free Money Seed Money, The Secret Law of Tenfold Return

The Secret Law of Tenfold Return

The Secret of Seed Money will put an end to our money worries forever! Learn the Law of Tenfold Return. And you will be able to utilize the secret of seed money, when you work this law on an ongoing basis, it appears you are receiving free money. The Law of Tenfold Return works every time without any risk of losing your money, as long as you completely follow the principles of the Law of Tenfold Return.

Law of Tenfold Return

Did you know money has rules? Money has its own rules, if you say money is evil or dirty, guess what, money does not want to be around you. If you say I ain’t got no money, money does not want to hang around you either. Money is like a woman, if you don’t know how to treat her right, she can be a real mother……… Don’t be indifferent about money, MONEY DOES MATTER.
When money is functioning properly, money is green energy. And this energy feeds the hungry, shelters the homeless, heals the sick, provides access to knowledge, opens the world to everyone through travel, this green energy allows the comforts and pleasures desired by everyone I all parts of the world
One of the best things money can be used for is Seed Money, the law of tenfold return. This means that we can so use money that we have reaped and sow it so we harvest a tenfold return.
Raise money with this law, receive free money. Build on this law of tenfold return and acquire all you desire, without fail, it’s one of the spiritual laws of nature. “Surely, blessing I will bless thee, and multiplying I will multiply thee.” [Hebrews 6:14] So God promised. So it is with The Law of Tenfold.

We should always give full heartedly, whether you are tipping a waitress or helping a homeless individual. Whether you are giving to your church or the Salvation Army, whether you are helping a family member or a neighbor. And as you give your seed money follow the formula which will be given to you.

The giving itself not only mentally sets in motion a cycle of ever-increasing energy, which returns to you in your tenfold return, but it also serves to fix firmly in your mind the image of the desired return. And with perfect safety, and without any risk, our seed money will be planted and return to us tenfold. It requires only your believing in faith, without a doubt! For Jesus said, “As thou has believed, so be it done unto thee” Matthew 8:13 In simple terms this is cause and effect.

Simply put, if you give seed money to a person in need, as you walk away silently repeat over and over, the Seed Money formula, “I have received in return, with good to all concerned. Thank you.” Law of Tenfold Return

Mark E Wilkins, with an advanced degree in clinical hypnosis, is dedicated to unleashing the power of your mind, and advancing wealth and prosperity consciousness in your life to achieve Happiness, Joy, Abundance, and Self Realization of your innate powers and abilities that our God has bestowed on us.
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