Law Of Attraction: The Law Of Reaping And Sowing

OK, so it’s not really a LAW…

But it is an important principle, which has been around since the beginning of time for a reason!

This principle essentially states that those who are out planting seeds – physically or metaphorically – are those who will reap rewards when it comes time to ‘harvest.’

To continue the metaphor, this means that the more seeds you plant, and the more you pick your location and soil with care, the better your results will be.


It is always true that with any self-improvement course, program or even individual goal, there will be people who give up, people who just want to talk about things, and those who will get results. The key distinction is that those people who are willing to take ACTION are those who reap the rewards.

There is a beautiful motivational poster that says ‘There is no BIG step that leads to success…it’s all little steps, taken consistently’. Those posters are pithy, but they exist because they are also true — there is usually timeless wisdom in cliches.

Success coach Jim Rohn says something similar when he suggests that success or failure are the cumulative result of each small step we take every day – the question we need to consistently ask ourselves is in what direction are those steps??

We are all walking a path. We all have access to motivational information, techniques and books, etc. etc., but without taking action on what we know, change will never occur.

We all have the tendency to create facades – to not want anyone to know we have issues we haven’t worked out yet – and so we live in a perpetual state of denial which keeps us exactly where we are…denial that there’s anything wrong with us…like somehow we need to be perfect all the time. The truth, however, is that only by admitting that we could improve or change in some areas can we CHANGE things in our lives!

We reap what we sow…and not sowing anything, in this metaphor, may equal results you are not expecting and definitely will NOT enjoy. It takes courage to move from intention to action, but it is always worth the rewards!

This article is written by Shauna Arthurs, founder of a network of websites dedicated to helping you achieve your grandest dreams!

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