Prosperity, Reap What You Sow

Prosperity in every sphere of life, from love to money to health, will result
when you are attuned to universal laws, reap what you sow, relying on them  rather than on the apparent solidity of matter and circumstances. Pour your faith into its reality and it will bring forth everything you need to prosper.

This God is the source of your supply, not conditions or people.
In having this faith you have to forget any previous ideas about what is possible. God or spirit operates at a totally different level to matter, and physical form only comes into being as the result of what it intends. The universe is not a set of blind mechanical forces.  But rather, it is persuaded and directed by intelligence using the laws such as the law of tenfold return and reap what you sow.

The universal  supply has your prosperity

The implication is that the more you understand matter, money,
and possessions as emerging from the universal spiritual flow, the less need  there is for you to grasp after things and treat them as solely yours.  People must begin to consider themselves as common heirs to the universal resource that is sufficient for all. Simply recognize your ability to create what you need    and, after the fashion of the universe itself, not hoard but keep giving.  Anyone who uses this knowledge of the Universal supply for what they might get out of it  will be disappointed. Though they may seem to prosper at first, their selfish outlook will lead to no good in the end. The paradox of true prosperity is that the more you appreciate it as a force designed to lift up everyone, the more naturally your own good will arise.

Bless the prosperity you have, reap what you sow

If you do find yourself low on funds praise and bless whatever
you have and imagine it growing larger. When you eat, be grateful for the
food in front of you as the embodiment of universal substance. Do not think    about yourself, your interests, or your gains and losses, but think larger thoughts about an endlessly renewable supply and the good of all.  By blessing what you have, you put the law of increase into motion. All things in matter or spirit are connected, and by focusing on what is physically in front of you, you can imagine more of it coming into being.prosperity

This is exactly what Jesus did with his loaves and fishes miracle, and what the widow did in the prophet Elisha’s day when she turned her small amount of oil into enough to keep the lamps burning through the night.

Recognize the prosperity  importance of thoughts and words when you reap what you sow

Prosperity cannot happen while you continue to entertain thoughts of lack. Each thought draws more to it of the same type, leaving no room for the truth of prosperity to become part of your mindset.  You may discount your casual thoughts and ideas, but be warned that they are the eternal realities from which we build our life and our world.  Talk only of prosperity and it will become your reality.

Say this to yourself:

  • I am God’s offspring, and I must think as God thinks. Therefore I cannot think of any lack or limitation.


  • Let God order your life and finances

Many people live in the real world for six days of the
week, then leave a bit of room for God on Sundays. For them, it is not right to bring spirituality into the marketplace or workplace.  If you are ready to prosper,  you must take a leap of faith and allow God into all areas of your life.

This mind of the Spirit will guide you in perfect ways, even in the minute
details of your life, if you will let it do so. But you must will to do its will and trust it in all your ways. It will lead you unfailingly into health, happiness, and prosperity, as it has done and is doing for thousands, if and when you follow it.

Nature does not need to strive and neither do you. We do not have to work laboriously in the outer to accomplish what the lily does so silently and beautifully. Most of us rush around trying to work out our problems for ourselves and in our own way, with one idea, one vision, the material thing we seek.

We need to devote more time to silent meditation and like the lilies of the field simply be patient and grow into our desires, these substance ideas with which we are working are eternal ideas that have always existed and will continue to exist, the same ideas that formed this planet in the first place and that sustain it now.

Things come to you easily when you live in a state of love and gratitude.
Dwelling on thoughts of Spirit, God, and love leads you to everything you
need, plus a host of blessings you never even expected or wanted.
More prosperity principles and insights are:

•     You don’t have to know how the prosperity law works scientifically. All you must do for it to work is to have a time of silence once a day in order to concentrate  on the source from which all things come. Recognition of it, gratefulness for it, and faith in it is enough for it to work for you.

•     You never prosper by trying to get anything out of anyone, or trying to win in a trade or bargain. Instead, Hold steadily to the law of equity and justice that is working in and through you, knowing for a certainty that you are supplied with everything necessary to fulfil all your requirements.

•     Don’t be anxious. People who hunger to be good and righteous are always fulfilled.  If you put Spirit first, you should not be ashamed about picturing what you need and knowing it is already coming to you—now. If doubts creep in, say, “I trust in God, I know that God does provide for the fulfilment of His divine idea, and I am that divine idea.”

•     Don’t simply ask God for riches.  Instead, like Solomon—the richest man of his age—ask for wisdom, for ideas. People from all over the world visited Solomon for advice and brought gold with them. Great judgment, given as a gift from God, is a basic ingredient of prosperity.

•     Some believe that poverty can be a blessing—that it is God’s will for us to have hard times as well as good times so that we can appreciate things more. But this is not the way of God at all: His nature is eternal giving and new creation, and it is up to us to attune ourselves to this reality.

•     Whatever talent you have you must use it fearlessly, not letting anything stand in your way. To bury your talent goes against the prosperity law. Don’t focus too much on your present conditions, only on what you are on your way to becoming.

•     Give away 10 percent of all money that comes to you: There is nothing that keeps a person’s mind so fearless and so free to receive the good constantly coming to him as the practice of tithing.

reap what you sowIf you can go into a quiet place and be still, you will be reminded of this source and worry less about where the money will come from. Some readers won’t like the many references to the Bible, but in fact the explanation of the spiritual laws of prosperity goes beyond any single religion, as you reap what you sow.

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