Reap What You Sow

We’ve all heard that saying…”Reap What You Sow.” It’s very popular simply because the concept if it derives from the Bible. “What You Do Comes Back To You” is an excellent paraphrase. The Golden Rule also comes to mind…”Treat Others As You Would Like To Be Treated.”

No, this is not a sermon. Well…let me correct myself here. This is (sort of) a sermon or message to all children, so to speak. Will they take heed of it? I don’t think so. We all have to live and learn in our own way and time.

But, this was my experience…

I was quickly reminded of that famous saying when my child was about 7 years old. The dreaded words “I hate you.” came out of my son’s mouth. Well…of course, it hurt like a thousand knives! I was mortified and at the same time I quickly had an ugly flashback to when I was a young girl. Yes, I said those very words to my Mother. There was something Mom wouldn’t let me do and I forgot what it was, but that was my reaction. Nonetheless, I’m certainly not proud of it.

I didn’t exactly scold my son when he said those words, but just said, “You shouldn’t say things like that to your Mother.” It was something like that…not quite sure what I actually said to him. I was too hurt to do any scolding at the time. Tears started streaming down my face. I had only one thing on my mind…and that was calling my Mom.

By the time she answered the phone, I could barely get the words out…I was sobbing so hard. I said, “I’m sorry Mom for telling you I hated you when I was little!” I had to repeat myself I think at least 3 times before she could understand what I was saying. I proceeded to tell my Mom what my son said to me. Actually, she started crying herself…and that lead to a long conversation. That is one conversation I’ll never forget. She said, “Honey, yes it hurt. But that is part of growing up. You were young and didn’t realize what you were saying, and I knew you didn’t really mean it. It was said on impulse and out of anger.” Did that make me feel any better? No, not really.

I did have a good talk with my son a few days later. Of course at the time, he didn’t understand the full aspect of it. Since then…just a couple of years ago actually, my son and I had that same talk. I told him, “You’ll not understand it fully until you have children of your own.” He does remember that incident when he was young and he did apologize for it. Tears welled up and I gave him a huge hug.

It’s through these incidents in our lives that make us come full circle and really learn from our mistakes. That was definitely the case for me. It is indeed a part of growing up, but it really had a big influence on me. It was a hard lesson learned. It made me take a good hard look at how I treated both my Mother and Father when I was growing up. I gave them a hard time especially when I was a young teenager. My Mother has passed and I still regret those times even though I made my peace with her with that one phone call.

The whole point of this article is a message to all children, young and old alike. Everyone who has a parent. And we all do. Some may have step parents, foster parents, or Grandparents as their guardians. But the point is…love your parents while you have them. Spend time with them. Show them how much they are loved and appreciated. Treat them with respect, loyalty, and kindness. You never know when they will be taken from you.

Article Written By Tammy Embrich

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