The Seminant Sowing to the Spirit

The seminant sowing is sowing to the Spirit to reap the Harvest of the Spirit. You invest when you sow, and when you reap you obtain a return on that investment. This is how the Holy Spirit purchases you in preparation for Heaven.


When you are sealed you turn into a garden bearing fruit. And you can decide on what to sow in that garden which determines also what you will reap. When you sow to the Spirit you will reap of the Spirit.


It is constantly achievable to grieve the Holy Spirit. When you sow to the Spirit you are not grieving the Spirit. And even if you grieve the Holy Spirit you will by no means frustrate God in His own Will carrying out His own Plan–you will just hurt Him.


And you do not want to hurt God. At least when you turn out to be sealed. Then you want to please God and be in agreement with Him. When you sow to the Spirit you are in agreement with God and you please Him.


Yet you are often totally free to sow to your old nature. Your old nature is prone to sin no matter how considerably you have changed and grown. But if you sow to your old nature you will reap sinful things.


But if you do sow to the old sinful nature and you grieve God it will still not frustrate Him in doing His Will. He will accomplish His Plan in spite of your resistance. Your resistance will affect you more than anything else.


If you commit a lot of crime simply because you have reaped a harvest of the old nature you will definitely have an effect on other people to. You will hurt them as well as hurting God. And you will almost certainly hurt yourself.


God will comprehend His Strategy without having you. But you do not want to hurt everyone. You want to obtain a Harvest of abundant fruit for the benefit of your self and other men and women. And when you receive that Harvest God will compensate you.


God will recompense you. But not for sinning this time. This time God will reward you. You have sown to the Spirit so the Holy Spirit will present spiritual fruit for you, producing the payment you want for your self.


Simply because you are not saved but. You are not in Heaven however. You still want to go by means of Judgment Day. But when you are sealed you are redeemed and Jesus Christ has promised to pay the price for you.


But He will not pay the price until that final day–Judgment Day. And you require God now. So the Holy Spirit pays you a little bit of what God has planned to give you. And every single time you harvest He will pay you a little far more.


So you reap spiritual fruit. It is a payment to you of Favor from God. And the greatest benefit of God’s Favor is that you are headed for Heaven when your Harvest is spiritual.


You can add to that receiving very good issues nowadays. Items which benefit you and other folks. And things which benefit God. You do not hinder Him when you grieve Him but He is genuinely benefited when you please Him.


The seminant sowing is the spiritual sowing. When you are sealed you turn into a small garden. And with a couple of harvests you can grow into a bigger garden. You can acquire a small much more land and bear a little far more fruit every time with what you already have.


You can also sow to your old sin nature. But you know what the results of that are. They are not very good. That is why you are here reading this. You want some thing much better for yourself. You want to receive the Seal.


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